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I had to say goodbye to my Julie on January 17, 2012. Click here for my blog post about her passing.

Click for larger image. Julie is my Miniature Schnauzer and best friend. I've had her since April of 1998. At that time she was 6-7 years old from what we could figure out. You see, this is her fourth, and I guarantee, last home. She's a real sweetheart. She seemed to lead a pretty sheltered life before. She doesn't really seem to get the concept of playing like most dogs. Dog toys don't seem to interest her. She doesn't really get along with other dogs either.

Part of the reason I was able to get her was that her last owners had two other dogs before they got her and she was never able to get along with them. She's very protective of her territory and she has claimed my house and yard as her own. She's very well behaved, loves almost everybody who comes along.

Click for larger image.

Here's Julie enjoying the afternoon lounging around in the teardrop trailer. She took to it right away and just liked to sit in the doorway watching everything going on.

Julie's biggest vice is her love of watching TV. When I got her she never paid attention to the TV at all. Then all of a sudden one day, a certain commercial came on that had a Mime in it and she leapt from her bed and attacked the TV with all she had in her. It was really funny at the time. After that, she would always lunge at the TV when that commercial came on. She didn't seem to pay attention to anything else on TV.

Eventually, she started noticing anything with animals in it. She especially likes westerns with lots of horses in them. At first, if she saw horses running across the screen she would run out of the room to see where they went. Her next funny thing with the TV would be if she heard a doorbell ring on it she would run to the front door barking all the way. After a while, she figured out there was no connection.

Sometimes it's hard to get her away from the TV. If she's really involved in a program she would not budge from in front of the set. Her favorite channel is Animal Planet of course.

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